Remembering Dad


"You're an A+ Ultra"

My Dad died a year and a half ago without ever having an email address.  His phone was never "smart" and I don't think he would have known the difference between a meme and an emoji. But he certainly embraced voicemail.

From the moment the answering machine was invented, he left messages.  He loved leaving a message. The beep would go and he was off to the races. They were long, rambling thoughts filled with Texas expressions, self-deprecating remarks, and encouragement.

Half the time they sounded like prayers and I felt like he might have forgotten he wasn't talking to God, but to a digital recording.

As Dad got older, I saved a few of them. I wish I had saved more. 

But one of them, makes me laugh as much as it makes me cry.

Vintage Fletch.  

I will hit "replay" on this half a dozen times this week and celebrate being so loved and prayed for and encouraged.