Relish your relationships

If you're not in the mood to cry, come back to this page when you are, because Fred's story is beyond touching. You see, Fred is 96 years old and recently lost his wife, Lorraine, whom he was with for 75 years. Not long after Lorraine died, Fred heard about an online song writing competition sponsored by Green Shoe Studios. He wanted to enter, but Fred isn't a musician so he wrote his lyrics and mailed them in.

The gesture impressed one of the producers and they made the song, and more importantly the STORY, come to life.

If your tissues are handy, press play below.

(I'm not kidding about crying; this is a good, blow-your-nose, wipe-your-tears, sob, and be inspired kind of deal.)

I am inspired how Fred relished his Sweet Lorraine.

I want to cherish my husband, family, and friends with the same attention to detail and the same joy.

Don't you?