"Don't do it!"he said I was traveling on business and decided to eat dinner at the hotel bar. An elderly man and a woman about my age sat next to me and were debating where she should live. (I couldn't help but overhear the discussion.)  She wanted a bigger house even though it would add 40 minutes to her husband's commute. Her husband was against the decision, but she was pretty sure she could win the argument.

The man seated with her, who was, I gathered, her father, was using his best sales skills to get her to rethink her position.

"Trust me,"  he said,  "don't trade off a bigger house for a longer drive.  We lived that life and after 38 years your mother told me she regretted losing me to the road for so many hours of the day. She said she wished she had settled for less space and more of me."


Imagine regretting a commuting decision for 38 years. Imagine regretting ANY decision that long.

Do you ever ask yourself this question:

What actions am I doing today that I may regret tomorrow?

I don't know what the woman decided, but I hope she listened to her father.  I hope she opted for together time with her spouse over living space with her stuff. I hope she recognized the truth in her dad's words.

But, more relevantly, I hope I have the good sense to recognize wisdom when someone cares enough to shoot straight with me.

Who has the ability to speak truth into YOUR life?

Are you listening?