Redefining the Win


What's going to make this week great for you? I have a Friday routine where I make a list of things I want to accomplish the following week.  It's a handy practice in which I conclude my week with a clear plan for where to pick up on Monday.  These are the things I am most likely to accomplish during the week.

I recently noticed my list is all task-driven: follow-up, organize, email, write, read, do this, fix that. My goals are tangible, measurable, and (mostly) achievable. I know exactly where the "wins" are, and the clarity makes me more focused and happy.  Crossing tasks off my list makes me VERY happy.

However, my weekly goals are rarely, if ever, targeted at significant relationships.

For some reason, I operate from a place where I assume the most important people in my life will slide naturally into my world and schedule. They will fit in organically and don't need strategy or planning.  Because life makes connecting with people easy, right?

Hmmmm. Of course that's mistaken thinking! You can see how my mind started to spin as I looked over my ambitious, "get it done" spreadsheet...

I don't WANT to be a person who takes people for granted, and yet if you were to judge my priorities based on my calendar and my "to do" list, you could mistake me for being exactly that kind of person.

Maybe I'm alone in my focus and drive, but I'd like to think at least a few of you understand.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not about to ditch the spreadsheet, but I'm going to rethink what makes it on the list - or maybe WHO makes it on the list.  Maybe I'll color code my priorities -I have to give the organization more thought!  But regardless of whether or not the Excel cosmetics improve,  this week I want to REdefine what "wins."

Perhaps you will join me?