Random Learnings, Part 8

I collect random facts the way my son collects Lego mini-figures - - relentlessly! Fortunately, because I blog, when my head fills too full of these facts, I unload them on all of you. You can find earlier posts here: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, and Seven!

Since my brain's about full these days, here are the latest things that made me say "Huh!?!"

Temper! Temper!

Word on the street is that Jack Daniels died because, in frustration, he kicked a safe he was struggling to open.  Apparently this injured his foot and resulted in a gangrene infection that ultimately killed him.

Talk about frustrating!!


And I thought MY toe story was awful.

Cobb Salads

Who doesn't love Cobb salad?  I mean ANY salad with bacon AND blue cheese has to rock.  But still, if you want to make one of these bad boys at home, how do you remember what to include?  So glad you asked.  Just remember the mnemonic,


Egg, avocado, tomato, chicken, onion, blue cheese, bacon.



Riding Shotgun


Every kid knows to shout this out when they want to ride in the front seat.  However, I just recently learned where this started.

Apparently, during the stage coach days, it was common for bandits to ride up to the coach and rob the people inside.  Coach operators decided to protect their passengers by putting another employee next to the driver who would hold a shot gun  in the event of the attack.  Thus, the "shotgun" competition was born.

(The dog below must be very well trained!)


Palm Trees

I was a hostess during the Los Angeles Olympics and collected all kinds of trivia to tell our guests.  Among the tidbits I found most surprising is that only one type of the palm trees in California is native.  Most of the trees were imported for the 1932 Olympics.

Cynics might remark that in LA "even the trees are fake."  However, those of us who love So Cal just take this as proof that even transplanted beauty thrives in the Southland!


Go Bruins! Go Jackets! Go Team Go!

If you think about it, were space invaders ever to land on our planet, the whole "mascot" situation would be pretty confusing.

Why in the world do these lovable, silly creatures exist?  (Other than to sell merchandise?)  I don't know that I know, but the word "mascot" has its origin in the concept of a "good luck" charm.

Hmmm.  That helps.


Save the dress!

Apparently, centuries ago, people used to tear lace from a bride's wedding dress to ensure "good luck."  For obvious reasons, brides didn't enjoy this, so as a decoy, they would throw their bouquet instead.

Wise choice.

I don't know how this morphed into an "all the single ladies" spectacle, but it's good to know throwing perfectly lovely flowers away had a practical reason for starting!


Ol' Blue Eyes

Only 8% of the world's population has blue eyes, though they are more common in the US and Northern Europe.  That said, I still think my daughter's blues are rarer still!


Have you learned anything interesting lately?

Let me know.  I've recently freed up some brain space!

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