Random Learnings: Independence Day Edition

Doesn’t everyone LOVE July 4th? What’s NOT to like about a holiday smack in the middle of summer, demanding hours of hang-out time, fireworks, meat on the grill, and an extended Frisbee game?

I can barely contain my excitement!To get you ready for the festivities, I thought I’d share a few random things I picked up about our fine country and Independence Day.

The National Anthem


Did you ever wonder why The Star-Spangled Banner is so hard to sing? Aside from covering an octave and a half (most songs are safely sung in the same octave), having obscure words (Rampart? Anyone? Bueller?), and having the high note end on an ‘e’ (as in “freEEEEE”), the song was originally written as a poem. Apparently, the last poem fact is why the notes are all over the place!  Who knew? (Source here)

The Flag Site


Why am I surprised that the US Flag has its own website? So much information here. What I love most about this site is its mere existence.  After that, I loved learning the symbolic meaning of the flag’s colors.  Per the site: Red symbolizes Hardiness and Valor, White symbolizes Purity and Innocence and Blue represents Vigilance, Perseverance and Justice.  I don’t say “hardiness” enough. I like that word!

The Hot Dog


July 4th is the #1 hotdog holiday of the year. I’ve shown you the video of how to properly grill your hotdogs, and you better remind yourself of the technique (here) because this weekend 155 million hot dogs will be enjoyed.  That’s a nice chunk of the of the 7 billion dogs consumed every summer!

Speaking of Dogs


Dogs would rather be in a cave, covered by a blanket, listening to loud music than hanging out with you at your July 4th party.  So says the AKC. Our previous dog LOVED loud sounds, but the current pup, not so much. He’ll be staying inside this year!

Play BALL!!


Last year we spent Independence Day at the Braves Game celebrating with our favorite English sport.  Maybe not exactly, but baseball DOES have its origins in the “rounders” game played across the pond.  Americans just changed the rules. Which, when you think about it, makes the sport MORE perfect for Independence Day! (Just don’t volunteer to sing the National Anthem!)

Ancient Fireworks


Fireworks were in China 2000 years ago?  What??  How can that be? Italians added color to Fireworks in the 1830’s.  Hmmm.  Fireworks are less dangerous than fishing? Again, knock me over with a feather.  Google “Firework trivia” and learn more than you’d ever need to know about firework displays.  I’m going back in for more info… fascinating!!

The REAL Independence Day


Did you know the Declaration of Independence was signed on July 2nd, not July 4th?  I’m pretty sure this means the Founding Fathers intended to give us a two day holiday, not just one!

Ah well, it’s more than enough that we have freedom!