Quick to Forgive


I have a friend, Mark, who keeps his phone in his pocket. As a guy who doesn’t carry a purse (not that there’s anything wrong with that), his pocket is a reasonable decision. However, this friend happens to be married to a woman, Patty, who is quick to throw dirty clothes in the laundry. You can see where this is going, right?

Patty washed AND dried Mark’s phone.

I happened to be there when the said electronic came out of the dryer and Mark learned of the “cleaning.” I knew Patty felt terrible, but Mark responded with a shrug and a sincere laugh. He teased Patty good-naturedly about her efficiency and started talking phone “upgrade” immediately.

The incident was over and done with quickly.  However, I saw something valuable in their relationship that’s stuck with me.

  • Love people, use things. Relationships are ALWAYS more important than possessions.
  • Forgiveness is the currency of healthy relationships. Everyone needs grace, but spouses should get a second helping!
  • Humor helps. Looking for the lighter side in any situation quickly resets your attitude.

I love spying these relationship reminders in people.  What keeps your attitude in check?  How well do you do at forgiveness?