Productive Procrastination


My house is spotless when I'm avoiding something unpleasant. The hamper is empty, the laundry baskets are in their homes, even mending is handled.

My closet wasn't much use in my stall tactics because it's been  in order since I tried the Kon-Mari method.

I bring out the label maker and make sure the pantry is well-ordered and thoroughly stocked.

There are new flowers on the stoop, donations have gone to Goodwill, soap has been decanted into pretty bottles.

The dog hasn't missed a walk all week.

Even my cooking back-log gets my attention. I have made several batches of stock just this week.

My movement is an illusion of productivity because I'm working hard without actually working on what I need to be doing.

I'm currently searching for topics for future blog posts which you, dear reader, will find interesting.  This is one of my favorite ways to avoid the task at hand.

But, at least I'm being productive.

What, pray-tell could be driving me so hard away from where I need to focus? Why would I write a couple of hundred words about my productive procrastination?

Do I really need to tell you? I bet you could guess.

The only thing as dependable as death...

I better go now. I think the dog wants to play fetch.