Place no trust in appearances

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Do you ever wonder why it's so tempting to compare ourselves to others?Have you ever met someone, figured out their "deal" only to discover they weren't at all the person you imagined them to be? Has your first impression of people ever been wrong?

I've been mulling these questions over for ages and while the reasons probably vary by person, I think I've discovered the root of MY problem; it's my eyes.


I wish it was more dramatic or insightful, but my eyes are to blame.

I see well-organized home and I reason there is a well-ordered life. I see smiling pictures and I think happy life. I see together and I assume close. I see smiles and I believe there's joy

I look at the external parts of people and I think I have an accurate read on reality.

I let what I see trump everything else.

How utterly foolish.

This breaks the time-honored cliche and universal "no-no" of  "judging a book by its cover."

There's a great quote in Latin that I want to remember (which will be tricky because I don't read Latin)  which says:

Fronta null fides "Place no trust in appearances."

Eyesight is notoriously unreliable, but never more so than when we use it to size up people.

I need to start asking myself, "what are YOU looking at?"

What about you?  Do you trust what you see?