Ode to Elementary School

Line up.Raise your hand when you want to speak. Avoid cafeteria corn dogs. Put your name on your paper.

Sit as far back in the bus as possible. Criss-cross applesauce. Keep your hands to yourself. Recess keeps you sane.

Field day is the best day of the year.


Nine things elementary school teaches. Standard(ish) stuff. The lessons could last for years (say 5 or 6)...

And yet, learning isn't so clean and tidy. Sometimes elementary school has lessons just for you.

Special. Individualized. Defining moments you'll carry forever.

Don't throw up in the library. Avoid taking the starring roll in the Thanksgiving play if you have stage fright. Homework in pen is a terrible idea. So are bananas in backpacks.

Lice is everywhere. Saying goodbye to friends is hard. Those 5th grade yearbook tributes matter to kids (who knew?). So do year-end water fights.

Teachers. Administrators. Bus Drivers. Neighbors who collect gifts for bus drivers. Friends who remind you of events. Parents who chaperone. Mystery readers. Party Planners. The school nurse (we can't forget her!)...


You've taught our team more than you know and our gratitude is more than you can imagine.

Happy Summer!!