NYC Restaurant Fun: Fedora

Appetizers are the little things you keep eating until you lose your appetite. ~ Joe Moore

Although I don't usually expect appetizers to be more impressive than entrees, these days I'm finding the start of my meal is the tastiest part. This was especially true in New York at the West Village hot spot, Fedora. Fortunately, I was there with a group, so we had plenty of opportunities to sample. Here are my personal favorites:


Oysters on the half shell - fresh, delicious, and with two sauces that were hits with everyone in the crowd. If you've never tried oysters, I recommend ONLY ordering them fresh (the texture is actually more chewy when they are fried) and at a top-notch restaurant near a fishing port. Beyond the oysters, the overwhelming favorite was the smoked salmon with cilantro, cucumber and cream. We liked this so much we ordered an extra one after our entrees. Ridiculously good.


Fedora makes a mean gnocchi, and while their preparation varies between seasons, it's tough to imagine this dish not being thoroughly enjoyable whatever the preparation. The night we were there these bad boys came with a sweet potato puree and smoked paprika. YUM!My entree, a tenderloin with chick peas and an onion cream sauce was delicious, but overshadowed by the appetizers and sides.Speaking of sides, any guesses what I ordered? Yup. Brussels Sprouts made with cider and bacon. Nom. Nom.And, naturally, roasted vegetables.We also enjoyed the potato pancake. (I was so full by this point!)Of course, there's always a dessert pocket. We indulged in the chocolate cake with "milk shots." This trend of milk with dessert is fine by me!Any place in NYC you're loving these days? Do tell!