Microwave Time

"It's like playing the microwave game." "Excuse me?"

I had never heard of a microwave game.

I was at a restaurant and ran into friends who had family visiting. I struck up a conversation with my friend's brother and for some strange and geeky reason, which I still can't determine, we were talking about using time efficiently.

Fascinating, I know.

AAANNNY how,  he chimed in with the statement that he's really efficient when he plays the microwave game. Which is, per his brief explanation, where you find a quick project to do in the length of time it takes for the microwave to chime.

30 seconds - put some dishes away 60 seconds - wipe down the counter, throw out some mail, maybe check Instagram 2 minutes - well, that's practically an eternity!!!

YES!  I understood this instantly.

I told him I ALSO play the efficiency game by trying to hit as few buttons as possible when I zap something.  This means, when something needs a 30 second blast, I hit "3" twice for 33 seconds rather than hitting a "3" then moving my finger to hit "0."

It saves a fraction of a second every time and, I reason, that adds up.

Of course, this is completely ridiculous and neurotic behavior, so I would never actually ADMIT to being like this, but that's how my mind works.

Is that quirky?  Hmmm.

Fortunately, I'm not alone.  In this video, the creator says, "sometimes the microwave makes you feel things. "

Check it out.

Do you agree?

Oh please, someone must relate!!