Making your world pretty

“There can be as much value in the blink of an eye as in months of rational analysis.” Malcom Gladwell

If I had the time, energy, money, and patience to repeat college, I would probably study graphic design.  I love the way words look on a page, how images tell a story, and the way great design moves emotions.

However, because I lack formal training, I assumed real graphic work was outside my pay grade.  Then, happily, the internet came along and I learned with enough play, I could fake it.  So can you.

In fact, there are all manner of ways to discover how to make your visuals better. For instance, this photography video is a three-minute master course on how to arrange and take amazing pictures (which explains why I love these instagram accounts!).

Did you catch the closing statement?

"Composition is important, but rules are meant to be broken. So, the main point is to enjoy yourself."  PLAY is the undertone.

And this 50 second snip-it on essential design elements merely touches on assorted considerations.

I love the summary, but what really made me happy was the conclusion for both the novices and the pros: "Just move things around until it feels right."

Again, the objective is to play until what you see makes you feel something.

Take a look around today and notice the graphics in your world. Which work? Which fail? How can you make what you're working on better and more creative, even if it's just for instagram?