Making Work Of The Unusual Sort

One time on a plane I sat next to a guy who "officially" assigned the EF scale for tornadoes for the National Weather Service.  Apparently he would visit storm sites and confirm wind speeds and survey damage on the ground before issuing the rating. As silly as this sounds, I couldn't help but think, "people have jobs I never knew existed!"

The same feeling applied the first time I learned about "sound designers."  These are the people who design and record special effects ("fx") for television, movies, and virtually any kind of audio file.

This quick video gives a fascinating profile of their work.

I appreciate how Basia views his work as "a big experiment."  I love the commitment to work through the "tedious" in order to make something "for a great means."   Seeing his work used is a "great reward" regardless of the pay.

Isn't that what we all want from our jobs?  To do great work?  To persevere through the challenges and end up making beautiful music?

What did you notice in the clip?