Making the most of rainy days

Long ago I decided to embrace Mondays. They are fresh starts to the week and rather than dreading them and ruining 1/7th of my life, I decided to embrace them. However, rarely do I enjoy rainy days.

I abhor thunderstorms and grey clouds make me want to stay in bed.

I know I’m out of sync with people who like a good downpour and wax on about how well they sleep when there’s a clap or two of thunder.I see my disposition as a scar from my Southern California childhood.

I would choose sunny every single day if possible.

And then I see a video like this and I’m thinking maybe I should expand my horizons.  Perhaps I should take a page from rainworks.

Isn’t that awesome?

Maybe I should figure out ways to have fun with the rain.  Perhaps I could make a little art project myself.

How hard could it be to find a stencil and then make something delightfully fun? This is my new plan!!

Standby for reports and if you beat me to it, please let me know!!

Do you like the rain?