Loving a Vet

Yesterday I noticed no fewer than three local establishments with signs offering something free to Veterans as a way of saying thanks: a cup of coffee, a clean car, and a cup of frozen yogurt (and probably much more) are all available here in Atlanta. I refuse to to see these gestures as anything but lovely, sincere efforts of small businesses to express their gratitude.

We should all thank a Vet for being willing to serve our country.  But whatever gesture you decide to make today, you need to see the story of a couple of men who don't just thank, but LOVE a vet.

The men in this story do more than pour a cup of joe or serve up some fro-yo; they put extended time and energy into making a difference.

This six-minute story will break your heart, and, if you're like me, convict you to love more deeply.  I can't say it better than you'll hear on the film:

"This is the way I look at other people. They are human beings, brothers and sisters no matter what. Somebody needs to reach out, give them compassion. Don't think loving somebody is weak. Love is powerful.  It's the most powerful thing in the world."

Happy Veterans' Day!