Looking back on change

“Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back,everything is different...” Prince Caspian


I know I'm not alone in thinking about 2015.

I love starting a New Year.  It feels like a Monday to me. (I like Mondays!)

I'm positively itching to get going. I want to plan my next steps, heat up projects which are moving waaaaaay too slow for my tastes, and generally drive at the next big thing.

In general, I struggle with impatience and reviewing change when it's happening.

I spend my time looking out the front window rather than checking the rear view mirror. In my need to move forward fast, I often blow past significant markers which may bear repeating (or avoiding) in the year ahead.

In other words, I'm still fighting the wisdom to "be the tortoise, not the hare."

And so the next couple of days I'm going to resist the urge to jump into goal setting.  Instead, I will sharpen my pencil, review 2014 and make sure I understand what's worked and what has not.

I'm grouping my review into the following six buckets:

PhysicalRelationalSpiritualFinancialVocationalCreative (no "al" available!!)

With those buckets I'm going to think through the following questions:

1. What are the biggest factors that led me to my current place? 2. Are there any actions I should not have made last year? 3. Are there any actions I should have started?

I'm not going to do any goal-setting without this review.

Do you spend this time of year looking back?  If so, what's YOUR criteria? What questions do you ask yourself?