London Olympics

London Olympics Tourist Attraction
London Olympics Tourist Attraction

Buckle up.  The marketing onslaught of the Olympics is about to hit a fevered pitch. Bring. It. On.

Call me cheesy, but I LOVE the hype around the Olympics and even participate at home.  I mostly ignore the "official sponsors" (sorry NBC) and jump right to the stories on the side.  I love seeing the plain old enthusiasm for competition and national pride of the host country.  (Not sure anyone had more fun than the Aussies!)  There's nothing as engaging as people enjoying the chance to be creative and fun.

I've come across a few entertaining videos that are less about marketing and more about the excitement of all things British.  Have a look before the festivities begin!

# 1 - What if there were no stadiums for events...

#2 - Even the vermin are excited about the games.

# 3 - The Official London video - Sport at Heart (Love the James Bond cameo!)

#4 - "London" is actually not what you think.  There is a secret city.  Fascinating!

Have a terrific weekend!!