How Do You Keep Work Interesting?


“When you're in a rut, you have to question everything except your ability to get out of it.” - Twyla Tharp

Do you ever stop and think about the sheer volume of creativity around you?

Consider the music you've heard, the engineering in your phone, the design of your car, the marketing you've seen, the films you watch, the gardens  you stroll through, the blogs you read; the sheer volume of creativity in the world is astounding when you stop and think about it.

We are made to be creative. Calling yourself  "non-creative " is the same as admitting that you can't innovate, problem solve, outwit, outsmart, or create anything.

Is that really you? NO!

Of course, maybe you aren't bringing much creativity into your work life (at home or in the office) and if that's the case, life's got to be feeling pretty dull; you're likely feeling "stuck." There's no shame in that, we all get stuck sometimes.

Not to worry, you can get out of the rut.

If you want to regain the "magic" in what you're doing, or at least some of the "interest," you've got to find a way to play at work. Psychologists call this "Flow," and it's the ideal state for learning and creativity.

If you aren't playing, creativity will be a struggle. If you're not being creative, you're going to feel all clogged up. So the question is: do you prioritize  play? Do you recall the basic elements you need?

Here's a quick reminder:

  1. Create margin/unstructured time in your day
  2. Change your environment
  3. Look at something unusual
  4. Do something fun
  5. Experiment

The video below is a quick story of a photographer who had to recharge his innovative juices. He says, " the necessity [of being creative] kills the magic."  I love the lengths he goes to to find something interesting.

Your journey could be much less rigorous, but hopefully equally inspiring!