Is your "to do" list undermining your "to be" list?

I absolutely killed my "to do" list this weekend. I really did.


I'm a high-capacity, high- output kinda gal to begin with, but this weekend felt particularly productive.

I cooked, cleaned, packed and unpacked.I sorted, laundered, folded, and even repaired.I paid bills, organized my receipts, and charted the coming week's chores.I shopped for Halloween costumes, bought the groceries, and got a sizable chunk of my home tasks out of the way.(Work is a different story.) I watched soccer, football, and a smidge of horseback riding. I pulled a few weeds, wrote a couple of blogs, and tried a new recipe.

I should be slipping into the week feeling like a well-oiled, ready-to-take-on-the-world kind of machine.

Instead,  I'm wondering why I'm such a grump.

It could be the UCLA loss.  Or maybe I've had too many carbs and too few veggies.

But, those are obvious and mostly irrelevant lows.

The real problem is this weekend I spent far too much time and energy focused on what I wanted "to do" rather than on who I wanted "to be."

I had my iPhone task list in front of me all weekend and while I checked things off, I conveniently ignored how I was flinging my family around.

If you were lurking around my world, you would have identified my core values through the following three statements:

1. Hurry up, we don't want to be late! 2. Pick up your things! 3. What's your job right now?

I made the classic mistake of forgetting who I want to be.

I want to experience joy in the journey, not merely the destination.

I want to make people more important than things.

I want to elevate fun over productivity.

This is why I love Mondays.  Mondays are reset days. Mondays are full of potential.

So whether you need a reset or not, enjoy today and think less about what you need to do and more about who you want to be.