Is Busy the Same as Lazy?


"Busyness is the moral equivalent of laziness. Both refuse to be intentional."Dan Allender

I saw the quote above on twitter a week or two ago and it's been bothering me ever since.

Don't get me wrong.  I treat saying "I'm busy" like cursing in front of children; it simply shouldn't happen.

But still, I have never, in my craziest musings equated busy with lazy.

Lazy doesn't have a calendar, can't keep an agenda, and isn't productive. Lazy makes nothing happen and is never important.

Busy has a full schedule, can't fit everything in, and never finishes the "to do" list. Busy makes stuff happen and is a marker of a meaningful life.

The distinction is obvious, right?


Except, when I saw the quote, it rang true.

Busy and lazy both impact the quality of relationships.

Busy and lazy both are slaves to the pace of their lives.

Busy and lazy are both miserable to be around.

Are they morally equivalent?

Yes. No. Perhaps...

What do you think?

More important, are you either too busy or too lazy to invest in your relationships?