Inspiration From The Court


“Seek opportunities to show you care. The smallest gestures often make the biggest difference.”Coach John Wooden

Do you have the habit of discounting the impact you can make on someone's life? Or, put another way, do you walk through your day thinking about and LOOKING for ways to make small gestures for others?

On any given morning I drag myself into my routine barely conscious of any opportunity to make an impact. I don't think about my bus stop conversations or my chats with the Starbucks baristas. I consider getting to work without being an aggressive driver as near a perfect attitude as I can hope for.

Clearly, I set the bar far too low.

Then I see a video of someone playing basketball (a game, not something life saving!), and I realize we all have the opportunity to make the difference in someone's life. We can all make an impact through a thousand small gestures.

I barely know what to say about the  video below.

The news report starts in the usual cheesy kind of way and I expected to feel good at the end, but I didn't expect the journey to take the turn it did. For some reason, the twist of getting to the "feel good" surprised me.

Watch yourself and see if these two minutes makes a difference in how you look at people today.

Make it a great week!