Inspiration Branding


Marketing at its finest makes us see things differently; to see potential in little things and find hope in the ordinary. Coca-Cola always does an amazing job painting a picture of a united world where all we need is a "Coke and a smile."  We're used to the images of joyous children from every nation loving their soda and making us want to "buy the world a Coke." Of course, such unity doesn't exist today, but Coke sells an idea, an inspiration of the POTENTIAL of living in such a world.

I know I'm being "sold" when I see the story unfold in the video below, but I don't mind. I've seen enough product being pushed by actors, athletes, and celebrities to last a lifetime. I appreciate a different perspective.

I hope you enjoy the inspiration too.

This makes me want to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony!

Image taken of the Steve Pendley bottles from The World of Coke in Atlanta, GA