In Praise Of Social Media

I like social media. I've already listed 25 things you're missing if you're not on Twitter.  I have a post about how much I love Instagram in my "draft" folder for this blog, and I think the Facebook haters still use the service, but enjoy complaining.

Still, most of us DO seem a little lost without our "device" nearby.  In fact, there is so much bemoaning about how we are becoming less connected because of our phones, I start to wonder if I am part of the problem.

I love my phone. No apologies.

I think it's beyond useful - it's fun!  Aside from the "connecting" part, I love the quality of the pictures, the ease of finding directions, and the ability to carry tens of thousands of songs in my pocket. I like that I can track my weight, my reading list, and the weather in a moment's time.

Sure, I stare at the screen A LOT and I have been known to text my husband from a different room in the house and yet I still have boundaries around all of this connection (which is fodder for a different post).

The bottom line is this...

LIKING and even endorsing  all of this connection isn't in vogue.  Its akin to serving Kraft Mac & Cheese.  I mean, we may all LOVE the taste of powdered cheese, but you hide those boxes deep in your pantry and ALWAYS keep your affection secret.

And then the "Look Up" poem/video/guilt trip comes out and I feel like I'm listening to nails on a chalkboard.  The narrator complains about having "friends (who) don't know me." (Is this Facebook's fault?)

I mean, I watched this video ON MY PHONE like half of the rest of the viewers.  The social media "shares" are the reason this video exists.  The very "viral" ness of the poem seemed to contradict its message.  (Hello Irony)

But there was something else that bothered me.  I couldn't put my finger on it, but then I saw a rebuttal video, Look Down, and it was clear!

I wish I had written this!!