Imbesi, Jesus, and me.


In order for something to become clean, something else must become dirty.

(from Imbesi's Conservation of Filth Law)

There isn't much in my world that needs cleaning more than my heart.  I can be shockingly self-centered and demanding; I am proud and rebellious in ways that I can't even describe.  Much of the time, I am more outraged by and accusatory of the broken world around me than I am by my own failings and poor decisions.  (Hypocrisy, I know!)

Just when I think that I am beyond hope, along comes today -  Easter Sunday.

Today is the day that my faith celebrates redemption. The day that Jesus defeated death, redeemed his life, and gave us all hope (yes, even the shockingly rebellious, self-centered, and icky parts of me).

Today is the reason that we look back on Friday and call it "Good."

Today is day that death lost its grip of fear on me...and I look at the future differently.

This is the day when I am thrilled that I am made "clean" (in keeping with Imbesi's Law, above) because Jesus decided to take on my filth.  I've lived through 40 (ish!) Easter Sundays and each year it seems that I'm more grateful than the year before for what Jesus gave (partly because, each year, I am slowing getting in better touch with my deep need for him).  I hope you'll have time to reflect on the redemption that today represents as well.

We have a family tradition on Easter that you greet others by saying:

"He is Risen!" (you have to say it with the exclamation point); then the person replies...

"He is Risen Indeed!"

So if you call me and I answer the phone with "He is Risen!" you now know exactly how to reply.

Happy Easter, from a redeemed and grateful (yet filthy) one.