If my blog were a song

"Last night was crazy, yeah we tore it up again Kicked off our shoes and went to bed by 9pm We were balling and Netflix We turned it up to ten Last night was crazy." Crazy, Ben Rector


Billy recently walked into the kitchen and slid a CD across the counter.

"What's that?" I said, surprised that he would have his hands on an old school analog-ish format. "It's basically your blog if your blog were music."

My blank stare communicated my confusion as he further explained that "almost every song sounds like something you would say."

Really? Wow. That's fun.

Is there any song in particular? He said "Fear," but he also promised I'd enjoy them all.

Oh boy!!  I couldn't wait to have a listen and of course, I started with track 6, Fear.

I immediately locked in on the most obvious lyrics...

Chase me down outside of Georgia I was sure that I was done Something in me would not turn around and run

I heard the Lord in California I remember who I was and I learned to dance With the fear that I'd been running from

YES!!  Love at first listen.

I've only had a smattering of Ben Rector songs on my phone which I now know is a mistake. I have been hitting replay on all of the songs and see now how incredibly generous Billy was in making a comparison between my writing and these lyrics. I WISH I wrote like this.

Ben's words are like poetry, thoughtful and gorgeous.

The first track of the album, Make Something Beautiful,  is short and is what every creative person I know feels.  I hear it as a kind of prayer:

Please let me make something beautiful A thing that reminds us there's good in the world A thing that reminds us there's still something out there worth fighting for

'Cause it feels like the world has gone crazy Spinning faster and cheaper than ever before And it feels like there's nobody giving a damn that it's getting worse

Let it be something wonderful Let it be something beautiful

Please let me make something beautiful A thing that reminds us there's good in the world

I continued through the entire album completely smitten by the lyrics and music. I can't decide which is my favorite. 30,000 ftmaybe? Crazy makes me laugh the most.

I wish could quote the whole album for you, but really it's best you go snag your own copy on itunes (or wherever CD's are sold... where is that? Amazon?).

If you do (and I REALLY hope you do) be sure to hit replay on the oh-so-brilliant, Like the world is going to end.

If we found out that the world was gonna end on Tuesday morning What would everybody do It's funny how the thought of that can make something real important And a lot of things pretty worthless too

But I'd be dancin' like a fool I'd be laughin', I'd be cryin' Callin' everbody I'd ever hurt and reconcilin' I'd call everyone I loved Say what I was scared to say till then Now that I think about it Maybe I should always live like the world is gonna end

Solid advice.  I wish I had said it myself...