How Failure Motivates Imagination

“Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions.”Albert Einstein

Failure is often a surprise.

Sure, maybe you worried something would go wrong, but the timing and circumstances were STILL surprising.

When we fail, we can either lick our wounds and wallow in disappointment or we can respond with creative solutions; we can imagine something different.

I keep this video in my short list (it's been around for a few months) not simply because it makes me laugh, but because it reminds me that even in middle school we know how to improvise, how to adapt.  This kid's response to a broken cymbal strap is epic because  the different role he imagines in the ceremony is beyond appropriate, it's endearing.

In the end, this performance is far more memorable than it would have been without the strap failure.

See for yourself (break happens at 1:05)...

Undoubtedly you'll face failures today.  When it happens, let your imagination go wild in picturing different solutions.

Who knows?  Maybe your response will be better than the original plan!