How Can Simplification Improve Your Life?


"Simplicity is the keynoteof all true elegance."Coco Chanel

"Why does life have to be so complicated?"

Do you ever ask yourself that question?

I am attracted to simplicity.  I like the thought of a streamlined life.  I recognize the "elegance" of which Chanel speaks.

And yet, when it comes to what I do, I seem naturally bent toward making things complex.

Does complexity follow you around too?

When you think about it, life's challenges often happen when we make small compromises consistently.  "Simple" is an elusive goal when we...

say yes when we should say no.

buy when we should pass.

hold on when we should let go.

check out when we should pay attention.

speak up when we should hold our tongue.

.... And, sometimes, hold our tongue when we should speak up.

In assorted little ways, life is diminished needlessly when we fail to pause and ask important questions such as:

"What's the wise thing to do/say?"

"Is this activity important or merely urgent?"

"Am I bringing joy to myself and others with this decision?"

What area of your life is needlessly complex? How can simplification improve your life? What can you do in the week ahead to make those changes?