Holiday Family Adventure

Do you have Monday off? How are you spending the day?  Are you getting out and about celebrating freedom?  Or are you taking the opportunity to sleep in?  Whether you're watching inauguration festivities or tackling chores around the house, if you've got the day off with your family, think about mixing it up a little.

For Team Phenix, we traditionally spend the day on an adventure of our own making: completing a photo scavenger hunt.  I described all of the process in last year's post (here), but this year we decided to mix it up.  This year, all of our shots are going to be JUMPING shots.


Our jumping pictures started with this hunt and we've been working on the height for awhile.We've also been working on the making sure our camera is focused.More importantly, we're trying to make a regular habit of this silliness.  In fact, our jumping business has touched most of the family.  Billy's family was game for jumping this summer.And on Thanksgiving my side of the family got into the action as well.  The air we get is truly breath-taking, no?

As usual, I let the kids make the list, so if you want to play along and want to use what we'll be doing, I've attached a PDF of our list here  (MLK Jr Photo Scavernger Hunt 2013)


Enjoy and let me know how your pictures go!  We'll be VERY excited to see them!