Happy Pi Day!!

Wife of Pi
Wife of Pi

It's pi day!!  3.14 You probably already remember that lesson you learned in geometry about that crazy number pi that helps solve problems relating to circles. Maybe other problems too, but I was never very proficient in geometry. (Is it me or do people who love geometry hate algebra and vice versa? I digress...)

ANYhow, I'm not a big numbers person, but when you combine "irrational numbers" with dessert, well you've got my attention!!!

I have a friend who celebrates March 14th every year by having pie with the family, a tradition I am quick to adopt. I encourage you to do the same. You may also want to watch The Life of Pi by the fabulous Ang Lee.

Alternatively, if you want a more "traditional" activity for this little-known day, how about memorizing the first 100 digits of pi?  This awesome video will show you how:

Cartoon Panel via The Argyle Sweater.  You're welcome!!