One Way to Make Guests Feel Special


I hope the neighbors don't hate us. We are the reason the street is so often packed with cars.  Granted, our street is narrow and a single extra car on the street makes it feel crowded.  Still, annoying the neighbors seems like a small price to pay to have company.   I love having people over to the house.

(I say "I" instead of "we" because while Billy doesn't mind people being here, he's more introverted than I.)

I'm built for parties. I'm a Extrovert (capital E). Cooking relaxes me.

I talk as though I'm being paid by the word. But what I like most is to let other people unplug and to feel honored by being a guest. I don't know if we (it IS a "we" when people are here!) achieve that, but here are our guiding principles:

  • Have plenty of delicious food
  • Relax and don't aim for perfection
  • Make guests feel special*
  • Send everyone who is interested home with leftovers!

*You need to define how to make people feel special in a way that works for you.

We have a tradition of having people sign a "guest book" of sorts.  If you have a meal at our house we'll ask you to sign a table runner. In the weeks that follow, I'll embroider your signature memorializing your visit.  At the next party or event you can find it and see how closely my sewing matches your penmanship.

Three table runners, fourteen years, and a few hundred signatures into the tradition I can safely say that it's part of the joy of having guests.  I also hope that it's part of the joy in being the guest.