Golf, Work, & Bubba Watson

I think the Masters ends today.  I don't really know, because I've been UNPLUGGED all week long.  I'll be back blogging tomorrow, but I thought it's only appropriate to repost this reminder of how golf and work go together! *** REPOST ***


When I first started working, I went to a convention that offered a golf outing in the middle of the week.  I didn't golf at the time, so I took some reading material and sat by the pool.  It didn't take long to realize that none - zero - nada - of the decision makers in my industry were lounging by the pool as I was.  Every last one of them was golfing.

Every. Last. One.

Since I wasn't interested in being left behind, I vowed at that moment to learn the game and become, if not completely competent, at least a decent enough player to hang on the course and not embarrass myself or my company.  Early on, I learned that no one really cares how well I play so long as I don't interfere with their game.  This means that I don't talk while people swing, I don't walk on their "lie," and I absolutely don't indulge in "slow play." Easy enough.  I can handle that.

As a result, I've been known to hit the links whenever work allows the opportunity. I'm a firm believer that you can really get to know a person when you spend several hours chasing a ball around (as long as the weather cooperates and the company is fun).  (The picture above is my colleague blowing off her smoking hot club after launching a scorching drive!)

That said, I have one simple rule when it comes to playing golf; I don't play on my time or on my dime.  I don't love the game enough to invest a ton of either of those resources (time or dime).  Plus, I'm still naturally a gal that feels more at home poolside.  Don't judge me there.  You can't take the California out of the girl.

Soooo, other than that "not my time or dime" rule, I'm usually game for spending the day outside on the links, even if I'm in a foursome that includes my boss who thinks he's funny rocking his "errant tee-off" gag... again.

Here is Exhibit A.

Golf Swing Not So Extraordinaire from Joy Phenix on Vimeo.

O.K.  - I admit, I laughed at this gag. (I always do).

Speaking of gags (and speaking of golf), I found this little gem that features four PGA Tour players (including newly green-jacketed Master's champ, Bubba Watson).  Not sure how the older gents at Augusta National feel about this little diddy, but it is always good to see some guys enjoying their sport in ... ahem... a new light.

Have a great Monday.  Enjoy your week, and here's hoping you'll end up link-side or poolside (depending on your preference)!