Going with the prevailing current

As much as I love the beach, ocean depths scare me.  I can gear up for the average scuba dive and love some deep sea fishing, but I have my limits. There are far too many critters are both well camouflaged and scary.  (For instance, I've been obsessed with this video - yikes)

If you've never seen "freediving" its worth having a look at this unusual world where people swim for long (I mean LOOOOOOONG)  distances underwater with a single breath.  I can barely make it across the pool with one breath!!

And freediving isn't just swimming, it's doing stunts.  You can't help but admire people who explore the ocean depths including "base jumping" into a giant ocean hole.  I would much rather base jump off a building!!

Watch a couple of videos  if you want to make your pulse race.  It's crazy!!

The video below is less thrill seeking than it is fascinating.  This freediving expedition shows a guy being swept along a current in the Pacific ocean, just north of Tahiti.  You'll be hard pressed to think he's not on the moon.

Watch in full screen mode, with your volume up.  It's completely mesmerizing.

Can you imagine ever doing this??

How can he hold his breath?  Man... just ridiculous!!