Getting Older.

Joy & Amy Kids
Joy & Amy Kids

Today is my Birthday.

I think the only one more surprised than I that I'm 47 is my mom and dad.  I’ve long since stopped caring whether there’s a big hoopla around my birthday.  Still, since I’m game to celebrate most ANY thing, I’ve decided to embrace the anniversary and welcome the kind wishes. I also decided to compile my own set of birthday “observations.”  These thoughts rattle around my brain at this time every year.

They are, in no particular order:

  1. I can’t believe I’m older than my parents were when their kids were all grown up;  ergo, my parents were SUPER young when they had me!
  2. Facebook makes birthdays less painful. (Thanks for the nice words!)
  3. I sincerely don’t care about birthday gifts (not my love language).
  4. Your presence is my present. (See above).
  5. I REALLY care about cards from my kids (and, yes, I’ll save ‘em).
  6. If you are doing the gift thing, use a Birthday String.
  7. If you insist on shopping someplace, might I suggest Nordstrom?
  8. Don’t be offended by gift returns.
  9. Don’t demand that your husband make a fuss over you, but…
  10. Don’t protest if your kids want to make your birthday a big deal.
  11. Homemade cakes are better than store-bought ones.
  12. Carrot cake, cupcakes, pie, plain old yellow cake, but never, EVER coconut (sorry Jen).
  13. A la mode.  Always.
  14. I secretly envy how one-year-olds eat their cakes by the fistful. May I?
  15. Sing and sing LOUDLY!
  16. Don’t worry if you forget my birthday because I usually reciprocate.
  17. Age gaps are closing at an alarming rate.
  18. Embrace the “Big Ones” in big ways.
  19. Don’t lie about your age because eventually you’ll lose track.
  20. Remember; it’s not the years that matter, it’s the mileage.
  21. Many celebrities of my youth are aging less gracefully than I.  Who would have known?  (See #20)
  22. There are categories of clothes you should not be wearing after a certain age. : (
  23. Survived another year! JEYAH!  (Repeat)
  24. It’s wise to number your days.
  25. 50 is the new 30. (I wish I knew what that meant.)
  26. The advice about using sunscreen was true, though my 15-year-old self still wouldn’t believe it.
  27. Eventually your body betrays you.
  28. Spend time thinking about the future, not the past.
  29. Aging does not mean that you have to embrace Musak.
  30. Nor does aging mean that you have to wear sensible shoes.
  31. Being old doesn’t mean you should be bossy.
  32. Being older DOES mean you should have control of your tongue.
  33. Only marry a younger man if you can embrace your inner “cougar.” (Right, Sis?)
  34. When people say “you don’t look your age!” don’t argue with them.  Say thanks even if you don’t believe them.
  35. Don’t delete pictures you hate of yourself.  Eventually, you’ll look back fondly on your younger days and think you look pretty good!
  36. Make a fuss over every gift and kind wish you receive.
  37. Treat your birthday as an opportunity to give to someone else.
  38. Growing older doesn’t mean you should stop dreaming big.
  39. If you've dyed your hair most of your life, you don’t notice any gray.
  40. There isn’t a “double digit” age where you have the excuse to stop trying to look presentable.  (Bra-less ladies at the grocery store and men who don’t bother with belts, I’m talking to you...)
  41. Decide, in advance, to have a Happy Birthday.
  42. Birthdays are especially awesome when you’re coming off of a vacay with your husband!
  43. Big brothers & sisters shape your life in ways you can’t describe.
  44. Eventually you’ll think it’s a compliment if your sister steals your clothes.
  45. I still don’t think the baby of the family is necessarily spoiled.
  46. Childhood stories are hard to find.  Tell them often.
  47. If possible, call your parents and thank them.

Which of these ring true for you?  Let me know!