Forget Aging With Dignity

twist and shout copy
twist and shout copy

Duh! I was SO busted! I was waiting in my Starbucks line and they were blaring their latest, not so coffee-shopish CD, Twist & Shout.  I had already paid for my tea and was standing to the side while they prepped my order when the title song came on.

C'mon baby now...

What's a girl to do when the Isley Brothers tell you to "shake it up baby"??

Well, if you're this girl, you Twist & Shout.


At 6:55 A.M. I started pivoting on my front foot and dancing in the Starbucks WITHOUT thinking about it.

Seriously. Even PRE-caffenated it didn't occur to me not to move; if I had been fully awake, I might have been singing too.

Pavlov would have had a field day training me. I was moving and grooving and didn't notice until David, the neighborhood barista, said, "Wow, go for it Joy!"

Called out.

Now the barista I see every day knows my secret... I WANT to be the one dancing...

This is why I found the video below so wildly entertaining. This old lady is my moving and grooving hero.

And now Shake It Up Baby...