Finding Perspective

Have you you ever heard of a Lepidopterist?  How about an Entomologist? Well, the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History employs people whose job it is to understand insects, moths, and butterflies. There are people who curate over 80% of the world's bird species and millions of samples of minerals. The collections are MASSIVE and the organization of the whole thing makes me a little weepy. (The drawers are so very pretty!)

I watched this fascinating snapshot and thought of two obvious, but need-to-be-stated facts:

#1 - People have crazy jobs.

Seriously. I underestimate the variety and depth of work people have.  I recently learned an old proverb, "The clever fox knows many things, but the old hedgehog knows one big thing."  The guys and gals at the Smithsonian are a array* of hedgehogs! They go DEEEEEP!

#2 - The world in an amazing place.

If you're frustrated with politics or discouraged by current circumstances, step back and think about the breadth and depth of our amazing world. Get a little perspective. God deserves every ounce of admiration we can muster because DANG is this globe a mind-blowing creative place.

Just taste a little of the awesomeness for yourself.

And remember, you're in good hands!