Enjoying Your Job

The video below has been making its way around the web over the last few days and for good reason.  Ventriloquist Nina Conti gives a remarkable performance having fun WITH a person, and NOT by merely having fun at his expense. When you watch the video below, notice how much Nina is laughing and relishing her own show.  She is clearly working in her sweet spot.  You can tell that she thoroughly enjoys people, loves her occupation, and, as a result, creates an avenue for all of us to enjoy her comedy that much more.   Watching her have fun is just plain fun.

Check it out...and know that this will likely be the most enjoyable 4 and 1/2 minutes of your day!

A great goal for us all (regardless of our different occupations) is to set about using our talents and skills in ways that show others how well suited we are for our work.  The ideal is to work in such a way (and with such an attitude) that your efforts make a true, positive impact on others (and all who watch you work).  This result is one of the highest affirmations that what you do is what you should be doing.

However, I know that many of us aren't necessarily living that life.  Instead, the daily tasks of your job (or job search) feel difficult and depleting.  Some days are like that, to be sure.  Still, challenging days give us all the chance to work out our attitude muscles, so we should try to be thankful for them too...as difficult as it is to do.

We all need practice with keeping a positive attitude, right?

So, if you love what you do, and the smiles come as easy to you as they do to Nina, congrats!  Remember to look around and find a way to pull someone up into your spotlight to share some of your joy too.

If the smiles don't come so easy for you these days, remember Nina's "volunteer," Luke.  Sometimes, you have to strap on a smile and just dance...even if you aren't necessarily feeling it.  You'll be surprised how much a smile and little jig can make any day just a little bit better!