Encouragment Gifts

"If the wind will not serve, take to the oars.”Latin Proverb


If you’re like me, there are days (weeks/months/years) when it seems like there is simply no wind in the sails.

In those moments, it feels as if the environment isn’t “working with me” to propel me to the place I want to be. This “lack of wind” isn’t usually that major (all things considered), but the little annoyances send my morale adrift.

If I’m not careful, the drag of dealing with a broken car, a sinus infection, or the pile of laundry causes me to lose perspective on how truly blessed I am to have a car, typically good health, and enough clothes to cause a pile of laundry.

For me, the challenge in the days of low wind is getting outside myself  long enough to dig deep and go find “the oars.”

Even though I know it’s time to persevere and get rowing, I choose to sit, complain, and wait for the wind to pick up.

Woe is me, huh?

However, in those moments I become especially grateful for friends who have the “gift” of encouragement.

Just this week I see how I am surrounded by a ridiculously fabulous group of Encouragers. I wish these type people on everyone.

On the listless days, they blow onto the scene and have a unique way of making even the toughest days tolerable.

You know the type - they are ...

  • the friends who refuse to let you say disparaging things about yourself
  • the people who slap you upside the noggin and tell you to suck it up.  They rattle your cage and remind you how A, B, and C are going for you (and they will keep up the list until they get to X, Y, and Z, if they need to)
  • the sibling who thinks you hung the moon...and is quick to say so
  • the one who randomly emails to say good morning and you are appreciated
  • the person who says or does something nice, "just because I was thinking about you"
  • the Barista at the coffee shop who has a new compliment for you every morning
  • the colleague who has a kind word of thanks for your contribution to the team.

I call this skill a “gift” because it’s not something everyone possesses.

These gifted Encouragers make an enormously positive impact on the people in their lives.  These are the people who day-after-day find just the right thing to say and say it at just the right moment.  They are the wind in the sails of so many.

If you are one of these people, please use your gift dailyhourly every moment possible.  You stimulate me to walk to the oars on windless days and start rowing.

If you have Encouragers in your life who do this for you, how about turning the tables on them today?  Take a moment, shoot them a note or call, and let them know how much you appreciate them.