Encourage Celebration

Everyone's a soccer mom and dad today.  No one on this side of the pond would knowingly start their day eating waffles or doing anything else smacking of European favoritism. Who cares that the over/under are 60/40 for Belgium beating the US?  We believe! Who cares that the population difference between our countries is the largest in the knockout round?  (318 million vs. 10 million) We believe! Who cares that the game falls amid the work day and many will pretend to take an "important" afternoon meeting to watch it ? We believe!

Still, there is one, itty, bitty problem that's nagging me.  I feel that the US team isn't nearly as excitable and coordinated in their celebration when something great happens.  Even with Dempsey's dancing, I believe we need more.

Why should we be blasé when something fabulous happens?

We need to own the excitement!  Don't believe me, check out 90 seconds of competitive dances!