Dudes Being Awesome

When we were growing up, my brother, Mark, was a knucklehead. I mean that as the highest of praise.

I watched him jump off cliffs, surf gianormous waves, and ascend to heights he had no business climbing.  I watched his fearless antics and saw how every ridiculous achievement was both thrilling and unifying.  From the most mundane Frisbee tricks to the harrowing diving board dares, the adventures inexplicably knit together Mark and his group of friends.

I think this is why I love ocean-surfing, rope-swinging, bike-riding, adrenaline-pumping videos.  However, today's video is less about the thrill ride (I mean it's about BOWLING!) and more about the joy of play and unbelievable excellence.

Plus I love learning how Australians say words like Nike, Adidas, and Hyundai. Do not try this at home!