Don’t look now! 21 ways your age is showing!


Here’s a newsflash for you – I color my hair. This isn’t shocking to anyone because we all know the dirty little secret that NO ONE  past age 30 has natural hair color as light as mine.

It’s true - even those young starlets color their hair.

I started using Loreal 9A in college and I’ve never looked back. Coloring my hair has at least two big benefits:

#1 – People think my daughter and I look alike because we’re both blonde. #2 – I don’t have to live with gray hair.

Or rather, I never notice my gray. I put the chemical mix in my hair and merrily go on my blonde way.

Until recently.

Yup. It was bound to happen.

I noticed an entire swath of gray on my right temple. Oh. No.

For some reason this discovery made me part my hair a dozen or so times to look for other evidence of the encroaching aging signs. There was plenty to see.

Dang it.

I don’t really mind getting older, especially considering the alternative, but I don’t enjoy the diminishment. I don’t love being slightly out of step with the prevailing and always dynamic youth culture.

Worse still, when I thought about how my age is showing, the list flowed VERY quickly.

If you can relate to any of these, your age may be showing too!

  1. I don’t “get” the appeal of Minecraft.
  2. I actually believe 40 IS the new 30.
  3. I say things like, “we didn’t have _____* back then.” (*email, cell phones, GPS, wireless, Amazon)
  4. I no longer consider sleeping in a sleeping bag a viable option.
  5. Josh 100 yrs2
  6. Slow walking old people no longer annoy me.
  7. I can’t take listening to Stampy Longhead.  (see #1)
  8. I have friends MY AGE who share their medical ailments in detail, and I’m actually interested!
  9. I don’t notice (maybe because I can’t see?) when I make makeup mistakes. (For the record, please point out if my mascara is smudged!)
  10. I won’t consider eating dinner after 9 p.m.
  11. IMG_5855
  12. I wonder why so many of my friends/us have a) wrinkles or b) a botox budget.
  13. “Daredevil” activities are off the table (or very close to the edge!).
  14. Nodding off to sleep in a chair sounds appealing.
  15. I say “huh’?” more often than I care to admit.
  16. Conversations about gardening are fascinating.
  17. IMG_4098
  18. I’m starting to resemble my dog.
  19. No one says “Young Lady!” to me any more.
  20. I'm spending an inordinate amount of time monitoring the weather forecasts.
  21. I argue that the 80’s shouldn’t qualify as “retro.”
  22. I appreciate reading an actual, printed newspaper when it’s left at my hotel door (even though I’d never buy one).
  23. IMG_1466
  24. Roller coasters now rattle my brain.
  25. I turn the radio down when I’m talking to people in the car.

Time to stop.

21 is enough for me! How do you notice your age showing?