Do You Focus On What Could Be?

We ought to be interested in that darkest and most real part of a man

in which dwell not the vices that he does not display, but the virtues that he cannot.

GK Chesterton


Seeing people's problems is often easy.  Easy to spot where they lack skills, where they drop the ball, and where they are short on emotional intelligence.

As a critic, all you have to do is show up, pay attention and have an analytical eye.  Soon you'll see what isn't working and blame will quickly follow.

However, effective leaders don't pick people apart.

They don't look for the "gotcha" moments, where they can point out flaws.  Instead, they look for potential.  They don't use feedback as a weapon to beat someone down, but as a tool to facilitate growth.

How do you approach the people under your influence?

Does your team feel you are "for" them? Do your colleagues hear complaints and criticisms? When you speak to your spouse or your children, do you notice every thing they do incorrectly? Are you known for your critiques or your praise?

Do you focus on the potential in people? Do you see and believe that the individual in front of you (who may be immature, annoying, or ill-informed) can be more?

Your approach matters.  How will you see people today?