Dining Out: The Marietta Local

Do you ever find yourself in a new part of town during lunch and completely clueless about where to eat? Such was my predicament a few weeks ago when I had jury duty in the heart of Marietta. Fortunately, Yelp came to the rescue and I spent my week exploring. Among my favorite finds was one right on the town square, The Marietta Local.

Everything I ate there (with the notable exception of the quinoa salad which was dry, dry, dry) was fabulous. Their version of chicken and waffles was chicken and french toast - um - yes please!!Oh healthier days, I opted for sandwiches and my favorite was their pulled chicken salad sandwich.  The salad was made with a spicy, creole mayo and the flavors were a perfect blend of mellow and heat. Just delicious. I also devoured the Turkey Reuben which was made with a gorgeous cabbage slaw.Such a fun find!  I can't wait to be back in the area to sample more of the menu.  If you're in that part of town, be sure to check it out.