Dining Out: Little Alley Steak

I love when New Year's Eve planning comes together.  This isn't always the case as I am not  known exactly for advanced planning. Fortunately, Billy was in charge this year and booked us a table at Little Alley Steak in Roswell.  This place has grown in its popularity since our last visits, so I was excited to see if it was as solid a spot as I remember. Let's see.. for the entrees, I'll have a # 5.

Just kidding. It's New Year's Eve.  For the Californian in me, that means crab legs!  Oh my goodness...utter deliciousness with a side of mushrooms.The springer chicken was solid with a roasted chicken reduction. If you don't want steak or seafood (???) you're in good hands.

Billy went for the turf option.

This is a legit steak house. So you have options for days. Strip steak, filets, Tomahawk, wet-aged, dry aged, sous-vide, temperature, toppings, sides.

If you can't find an entree you like, you're doing something wrong.

I think any decent steakhouse knows how to make a great entree. This is the green fee for being in the business. However what REALLY sets places apart are the sides.

For me, it's ALL about the sides. And oh did we order sides...Mmmmmm. Where to begin! How about a quick look at our favorites (and one I'd avoid). The unanimous table winner was the lobster mac-n-cheese.Followed by the carrots.

CARROTS people... I mean I can't even tell you how much I loved these carrots with brown butter.Next up were the crispy Brussels Sprouts.Green beans also in brown butter! Yes please.

The only miss for me were the sweet potatoes because I categorically don't enjoy sweetened sweet potatoes. I don't understand the appeal of sweet potato casserole. I will always be a savory kind of girl.


Still, if that's your thing, you may like the LA version!Of course we saved a little pocket for dessert and opted for the creme brûlée. I think it was good, but it was overshadowed by the rest of the meal.


I probably should have skipped the calories. Oh well. Celebrating 2015 and welcoming 2016 had to have a little something extra!

We couldn't have enjoyed our experience at Little Alley more. Happy Happy 2016 indeed!