Dining Out: Chow Bing


I was pressed for time and tired of all the usual Buckhead spots, so I called my friend Suzanne for inspiration. I asked her about a couple of untried spots, but she suggested I hit up Chow Bing because it was close.  In fact, I was right around the corner - score!


I had never heard of this place.  What did it look like?  Well, she explained, it's right next to the cigar and vacuum cleaner store.  Um, ok.  While this is a fine description if you're on Buford Highway in Buckhead, I was suspicious.

Suzanne is one of my Buford Hwy adventure buddies, so it's not like her to recommend a chain* restaurant. (*There are two locations, one at Disco Kroger in Buckhead and one at the Pencil Factory in downtown Atlanta, so it's a little chain, but still...).

However, since I trust Suzanne, away I went.

When I walked into the space, I immediately ran into a friend who was also making a first-time visit.  I took this as a promising sign.

Then when I checked out the menu I noticed Chow Bing took great pride in their ingredients, leading with the following statements:

  • Absolutely NO MSG
  • Humanely raised meats
  • Sustainable seafood
  • Organic Tofu
  • Locally grown vegetables as practically possible, some Organic vegetables
  • No canned foods
  • No microwave
  • Cooked fresh daily

Well, this was a fine development indeed!  I ordered the build-your-own bing where you select your meat, rice, veggie mix,  dressing and any extras.  I opted for chicken, garlic steamed white rice, broccoli, onions, mushrooms, and the cilantro dressing.  I topped the whole thing with a fried egg because -- well, because if someone offers me a fried egg with lunch, I say yes.


This is what came to my table...It was as delicious as it looks.

I will be back and next time I'll save room for bubble tea!