Did you notice?

How hard can it be to count the number of passes between these teams? Can you get the correct number the first time through or do you have to watch it again? Is this more difficult for people in England than for those of us in the Colonies?  Take the quick little test...

The challenge is always paying attention; however, this test is illustrative of awareness gone bad.  If you're like me, it was easy to miss the real oddity of the video and just focus on the task.

Showing up and paying attention isn't enough; you have to pay attention to the right things.

I believe the idea of someone who "can't see the forest for the trees" applies in this case.  The challenge with any task is to know when to push back and pay attention to a larger picture, to know when to abandon a task in order to catch the real trend of what's going on.

Finding the balance is tricky.  However, when you see the solution clearly, the reward surpasses any satisfaction that may have been found in "counting passes."

Also, be sure to watch for cyclists!