Dealing with life's interuptions

Do you have days, weeks, seasons where you can't seem to finish a thought without some kind of interruption? Where projects languish and to-do lists are ignored because you can't get into any real work flow? My run of off-schedule happenings includes what is common to many of us: the unexpected I-need-your-attention-yesterday emails, technical failings, lost passwords, a dog demanding food/walk/fetch, a kid with some kind of rash/gaping wound/general ick, a phone call from a friend in need, a gross spill of some unidentifiable stickiness down the side of a cabinet, a Comcast outage, blah, blah, blah.

CS Lewis said,β€œThe truth is, of course, that what one regards as interruptions are precisely one's life,” and the thought makes me wonder if I should lighten up. Maybe I need to be less annoyed and more amused.

I recently observed one of my girlfriends deal with a list of emergencies, and she went through each challenge with peace and grace. Despite all the twists and turns, she kept her cool.  I asked how she managed. She fumbled for an answer, ultimately saying, "I find the day's interruptions fascinating. You never know what your next adventure will be."

I want to remember this thought and apply it to whatever today has in store.

How do you handle the unexpected and the unplanned?