Creating a Legacy In Small Things

“I had an inheritance from my father,It was the moon and the sun. And though I roam all over the world, The spending of it’s never done.”

When I hear the word “legacy,” I first think of grand gestures and achievements, almost like watching an ad for a Summer Blockbuster Film.  When you establish your legacy over 80 years, the headlines should be movie worthy!

I especially think this is true for the men in my life who have crossed this milestone, my dad and, as of today, my father-in-law, Rees.

I imagine a giant title rolling across a screen…

Rees Phenix A Legacy Like No Other!!

Cue the dramatic music.

However, when I give the idea of legacy more careful, and more realistic thought, I think how Rees' legacy has been shaped by small, consistent choices and how those choices have added up to something grand.

In Rees' legacy I see how being disciplined paid off with a sports heritage, (Georgia Tech tackle on the 1952 National Championship team), a noteworthy career (30 years as a Delta pilot), and a home-built dock that stands the test of Georgia storms.

I see how his  faithfulness gave him a lasting marriage, kids who trust him, and adoring grandchildren.

I watch how his generosity translates into having an open home, a welcoming disposition, and a heart for those in need.

All of these decisions were made without the idea of "sharing" each gesture with a picture, a tweet, or a status update. My father-in-law has never taken a "selfie," and yet he's doing just fine! His adventures are personal and shared with those in close proximity, and those of us who spend time with Rees are grateful for knowing him.

And we ARE grateful!  We are grateful for seeing that when you’re consistent in the little things, the little things add up to something greater than the sum of the parts.

In a world where so many people take their gifts for granted or hoard the blessings of those gifts, Rees does neither.  Instead, he honors God, the giver of every perfect gift, by faithfully using his gifts, talents, and resources to the benefit of others..

This is a remarkable legacy which befits a remarkable man.

Happy 80th Rees!  You are well-loved!