Counting Days This Time Of Year


As soon as Halloween is over, I feel as though I slide into a semi-crazy mindset where I begin to focus on the holidays and the expanding "to do" list. Do you do this?

Do you start mentally rehearsing everything you need to do until you find yourself in a full-on sprint to the end of the year?

Only 56 day remain until 2015!!

Fifty. Six.

Think about all that will happen in those days!

Oh my.

This is going to happen fast, and, if you're like I am, you may not feel prepared for the pace of what the season demands.

Whew....Take a moment to breath.

Slow down and think about the short, fall days and rest.

I know when I give my mind space to stop, I let go of the list, and I can tune my brain to better thoughts.

The mosquitoes have died, the weeds are (mostly) dormant, and the early nights bring the kids inside earlier.

The smells are aromatic, the Honey crisp apples are affordable,  and red cups are out at Starbucks.

These are all good things.

The closing line of Shakespeare's 73rd sonnet, ends with a gentle reminder...

"To love that well which thou must leave ere long."

Read that line again slowly:

To love that well Which thou must Leave ere long.

Today is a great day to stop worrying and  love well the things in front of you.