Coffee Shop Discovery: Rev Coffee

I am a tea drinker. English Breakfast (and no, Earl Gray is not the same thing) with skim milk (cream is too overpowering) and artificial sweetner. We all have our vices.

That said, I never drink coffee.

Still, I appreciate the spaces coffee drinkers create to enjoy their caffeine. They are far cooler than any "tea room" you'll ever find, and the sounds of coffee are luscious and inviting.


Billy and I recently capped a date night off at a new spot (after eating at the fabulous Porch Light Latin Kitchen) called Rev Coffee in Smyrna aka The Burbs.  There's a second location in College Park and based on their website, it looks like they cover the festival scene as well.The Smyrna space is a converted garage shop which is not just hip, but really functional.


The space is large enough to accommodate people popping in as well as those coffee house office workers who plop down for hours on end.

I love any place where I don't feel as if I'm fighting for a table.

Billy loved his cup of  joe, and I was pleased they had actually plenty of tea options.

There wasn't live music the night we were there, but if you're into coffee and music, this will make Rev that much more appealing.


I loved, loved, loved the feel of the place.  Maybe I should live in Smyrna!We will most definitely be back to Rev.  You should check it out too!